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Coffin Bay National Park Camp Sites

Located 50 km west of Port Lincoln on southern Eyre Peninsula, this 31,000 ha park offers a diversity of coastal landscapes

There are six designated camping areas in Coffin Bay National Park; Yangie Bay, Big Yangie, Black Springs, Morgan's Landing, Sensation Beach and The Pool campground near Point Sir Isaac. Toilet facilities are located at all campgrounds except at Big Yangie and Sensation Beach. Generators may be used in the park during the day time only between 9 am and 9 pm, and must not disturb other visitors.

An on-site entry and information station is located at the entrance to the park. Entry and camping permits, important information, and park brochures are located at the entry station.

Visitors to the park can light small campfires outside of the fire ban season in the fireplaces provided. Visitors must bring their own wood to protect native habitat, and it is an offence to remove or disturb any plant material from the park

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Phone: (08) 8204 1910

Visit: Ground Floor, 81-95 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

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