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Hiking Equipment & Supplies

Before you set off to go hiking, be prepared to take some essential supplies for your health and safety.

Day Walks

  • Full large water bottle per person
  • Large protective hat
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen (30+) and insect repellant
  • Clothes to suit the activity and potential weather conditions 
  • Binoculars and camera.

Overnight Walks

  • All day walk supplies and,
  • Plenty of drinking water. minimum 2 litres per person per day, 3 litres per day in hot weather and longer day walks.
  • A good Compass,
  • Pen and paper
  • Map and guide books of the area.
  • Trail energy food to keep your energy levels up on longer walks. Try different combinations of nuts, dried fruit, seeds, chocolate and jellybeans.
  • Plastic bag to remove all your rubbish.
  • Reference material such as wildflower and bird books.
  • Whistle (for emergencies, six short blasts per minute).
  • Pocket knife
  • Small plastic trowel for toilet emergencies and a few sheets of toilet tissue in a small plastic bag.
  • Medical kit with: heavy crepe bandage (for sprains and snake bite), antiseptic lotion, insect repellent (non aerosol), personal medication (including pain killers), blister kit and fixomull.