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Hiking in Heyson Trail

The trail runs for 1144 km from Cape Jervis, south of Adelaide through the Mount Lofty Ranges, through Mt Remarkable National Park and Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges to Parachilna Gorge in the northern Flinders Ranges.

Walking the entire trail takes around 60 days,

The Trail was divided into 15 sections :

Trail 1 - Mt Magnificent to Mt Lofty
Trail 2 - Mt Lofty to Barossa Range
Trail 3 - Mt. Magnificent to Newland Hill
Trail 4 - Parachilna Gorge to Wilpena
Trail 5 - Wilpena to Hawker
Trail 6 - Mt. Remarkable to Hughes Gap
Trail 7 - Quorn to Mt Remarkable
Trail 8 - Cape Jervis to Newland Hill - Whale Watch
Trail 9 - Peters Hill to Barossa Range
Trail 10 - Logans Gap to Peters Hill
Trail 11 - Newikie Creek to Logans Gap
Trail 12 - Spalding to Newikie Creek
Trail 13 - Hughes Gap to Spalding
Trail 14 - Buckaringa Gorge to Woolshed Flat
Trail 15 - Wonoka to Buckaringa