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Hiking in Port Arthur

Port Arthur is an old penal settlement to the east of Hobart. It is very popular with visitors to Tasmania. What is not well known is that the coastline that surrounds the penal settlement is some of the most spectacular in Australia. It consists of tall cliffs ranging up to 400m in height (over 1000 feet) and was a fearsome sight for the convicts who were sent there and arrived by ship. No wonder they thought it was the end of the world where escape seemed impossible.

While the tourists never see the coast, bushwalkers can by means of a series of constructed walking tracks. These tracks runs along the top of many of the cliff lines providing some spectacular walking. While all of the area can be seen on one day walks, the circuit of the cliffs makes an excellent 4 day walking trip


The Tasman Peninsula is located east of Hobart. By road, it is 97km from Hobart to Port Arthur which is the closest town to the walk.