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Hiking in South Coast

The track follows the southern coastline of Tasmania. It crosses two mountain ranges to avoid sections of the coast

The 70 km Port Davey Track is used by walkers between Scotts Peak Road and Melaleuca, while the 85 km South Coast Track is used by walkers between Cockle Creek and Melaleuca. There are no roads to Melaleuca, so walkers must either fly, sail or walk in and out.

Walking times

Port Davey Track

Scotts Peak to Junction Creek - 3 hours
Junction Creek to Watershed Camp - 8 hours
Watershed Camp to Spring River - 5 hours
Spring River to Melaleuca - 10 hours
South Coast Track

Melaleuca to Cox Bight - 4 hours
Cox Bight to Louisa River - 6 hours
Louisa River to Deadmans Bay - 10 hours
Deadmans Bay to New River Lagoon - 4 hours
New River Lagoo to Granite Beach- 5 hours
Granite Beach to South Cape Rivulet- 7 hours
South Cape Rivulet to Cockle Creek- 4 hours