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Lake Mountain Summit Walk – Yarra Ranges National Park

This walk takes in beautiful stands of mottled grey snow gums, alpine heath and alpine bogs and four spectacular lookouts.

Located in the Yarra Ranges National Park, this walk takes in landscapes of snow gums and alpine heath as well as panoramic views of the Victorian Alps, Melbourne and the Great Dividing Range.

Length: 4 kilometres return
Walk: 2 hours at a leisurely pace
Track: Medium
Grade: Moderate to steep
Start: Gerraty’s car park
Finish: Gerraty’s car park
Nearby: Marysville
Permits/bookings: None required

The track is wide and climbs steeply for 200 metres before levelling out to a gentle incline to the summit. The track to Marysville lookout takes off to the west from just below the summit. From the summit the walk heads east to the Alps Lookout. From here it passes through an alpine bog and over several granite rock faces covered with lichens and mosses to reach the junction with the Snowy Hill track. Sherlocks lookout is located 100 metres along the Snowy track. Returning to the junction, the walk continues to Taggerty Valley View and then to Gerraty’s car park via the summit.

There is shorter walk of 40 minutes from Gerraty’s car park to the summit, and a more challenging route starting from Snowy Hill car park.

The terrain is rocky in places and sturdy footwear is recommended. Alpine weather conditions are subject to change. Please dress appropriately.

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