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Hiking Neds Gully Circuit

Neds Gully Circuit, Cathedral Ranges State Park

Take a hike to the craggy peaks and rugged escarpments of the Cathedral Range and enjoy majestic views of the surrounding countryside from its lofty battlements.

Length: 8.5 kilometres
Walk: 4 hours
Track: Moderate/rough
Grade: Steep
Start: Neds Gully campground
Finish: Neds Gully campground
Nearby: Marysville/Alexandra
Best time: Spring and autumn.

Cathedral Range, a rugged 7-kilometre ridge of sharply upturned sandstone rearing abruptly from the surrounding plain, is renowned for its spectacular peaks, lush vegetation, abundant native animals - and exciting walks.
From the campground beside Little River, the track rises through open stringybark and peppermint forest to Neds Saddle and then climbs steeply to the horn-shaped peak of The Cathedral (870 metres).

The views from the rocky summit are exhilarating - south along the jagged ridge past higher Mt Sugarloaf towards Marysville and the Great Dividing Range, and west across the fertile pastures of the Acheron Valley to the distant ranges. The track continues north along the ridge to the top of Little Cathedral, offering a further superb panorama to the north, before descending around the lower slopes to Neds Saddle and back to the campground.

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