Fruit picking Jobs


Casual Jobs in Tasmania Guide

If you are looking for a casual job to help pay your expenses while you are travelling in NSW, we can help you find potential employers in a particular state, region or town.

Use the Information below to find casual work in the Fruit Picking Industry of Australia.

Fruit Picking in Tasmania

Step 1 - Find a Town and Fruit Picking Time

Choose a town to see what fruit is grown in that town/region. Then, check the time of the year when fruit picking casual jobs are available for that town/region.

Picking Months / Crop
February to April – apples
December to January – cherries
All year – mixed vegetable production
December-January, March-April,
January to December - vegetables
March to May - apples
December to April - berry crops
December to January – stone fruit
December to January - cherries
All Year – mushrooms
January to February – apricots
March to April – picking grapes
March to May – picking apples
June to August – pruning grapes and trees
December to February – cherries
December to May - strawberries
February to May - apples
March to May - grape picking
July to August - grape pruning
March to April - hop picking
March to April - grape picking
June to July - grape pruning
October – stringing hops
December & January - cherries
March to May – grape picking
June to July – grape pruning
November to January – seed vegetable production
December to April – stone fruit - apricots, peaches, plums, cherries and apples
March to April - Hops
January to December - vegetables (including potatoes)
January to December - mushrooms
January to March - tomatoes
October - stringing hops

Step 2 - Find an Employer

To find out what casual jobs are available in a town,

go to Jobsearch Harvest Jobs (Australian Government agency site for jobs throughout Australia).

At Jobsearch, enter a town name and occupation name (e.g. fruit picking) in the search box to find jobs available in that town.

Free Listing for Employers

If you are an employer in the fruit industry, contact us for a free listing in our Casual Jobs in Australia Guide.