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Rest / Camping Areas - Adelaide to Hay Route

If you intend to travel on the Adelaide to Hay road, you need to plan your rest breaks. The following rest area locations will help you plan to have a break or even an overnight stay - Stop, Revive and Survive.

Location Facilities
Adelaide All services
Murray Bridge Town
5 klms east of river murray Rest area
Tailem Bend Town
Peake Hotel
Jabuk Store, fuel
Lameroo Town
Parilla Store, fuel
Pinnaroo Town
6klms east of Pinnaroo Rest area
Murrayville Town
6 klms east of Murrayville Reat area
Murray Sunset National Park Camping
Underbool Store, fuel
Walpeup Store, fuel
Ouyen Town Services
42klms east of Quyen Rest area
Manangtang Store, fuel
Piangil Store, fuel
3 klms east of Piangil Rest area
Tooleybue Town
Kyalite Roadhouse, Fuel
Balranald Town
9klms east of Balranald Rest area
Nine mile reserve Camping area
Hay Town