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Rest / Camping Areas - Gilgandra to Adelaide route

If you intend to travel on the Gilgandra to Adelaide road, you need to plan your rest breaks. The following rest area locations will help you plan to have a break or even an overnight stay - Stop, Revive and Survive.

Location Facilities
23 klms west of Gilgandra Rest area
Collie Hotel
46 klms west of Collie  Rest area
Warren Town
7 klms south west of Warren Rest area
Nevertire Hotel, Fuel
Nyngan Town
82 klms west of Nyngan Rest area
Cobar Town
63 klms west of Cobar Rest area
118 klms west of Cobar Rest area
Emmdale Roadhouse, Fuel
46 klms west of Emmdale Rest area
Wilcannia Town
74 klms west of Wilcannia Rest area
Little Topar Hotel, Fuel
Broken Hill Town
36 klms west of Broken Hill Rest area
Cockburn Hotel, Fuel
66 klms west of COckburn Rest area
Olary Hotel, Fuel
26 klms west of Olary Rest area
Mannahill Hotel, Fuel
36 klms south west of Manahill Rest area
Yunta Hotel, Fuel
Oodla Wirra Hotel, Fuel
4 klms south of Oodla Wirra Rest area
Terowie Hotel, Fuel
Hallett Store, Fuel
Burra Town
Manoora Hotel, Fuel
Saddleworth Hotel, Fuel
2 klms south of Saddleworth Rest area
Riverton Hotel, Fuel
Tarlee Hotel, Fuel
Roseworthy Hotel, Fuel
Gawler Towns