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NSW Blue Mountains National Park

More than three million people come to Blue Mountains National Park each year. For many, it's enough just to find a lookout and gaze across the park's chiselled sandstone outcrops and hazy blue forests. Others walk or cycle along the cliff-tops and in the valleys, following paths that were created for Victorian-era honeymooners, or discovered by Aboriginal hunters many thousands of years ago.

This park, which is part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, protects an unusually diverse range of vegetation communities. There are rare and ancient plants and isolated animal populations tucked away in its deep gorges. This is a vast and special place. Some attractions include:

- The view from Echo Point, with the famous Three Sisters in the foreground and the Jamison Valley and Mount Solitary behind.

- The Grand Canyon Track, where you can experience the thrill of canyoning without even getting your feet wet.

- The magnificent Blue Gum Forest, which bushwalkers saved from destruction by in the 1930s.

- The historic stone staircases and beautiful forest environments of the Federal Pass track.

100 km west of Sydney

247,000 ha

Walking Tracks
Fairfax Heritage Track 1.8 km long with disabled access
Short walks near Katoomba around the Three Sisters

Spectacular scenery of the Great Dividing Range
Echo Point and the Three Sisters

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