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NSW Sydney - Botany Bay National Park

Straddling the two headlands at the entrance to Botany Bay, Botany Bay National Park has a unique combination of natural and cultural heritage features. It's the place where the Comte de Laperouse, France's famous explorer, arrived within a week of the British First Fleet in 1788.

Heath and scrub covers most of the land, dominated by species such as tea trees, banksias, Christmas bushes and some types of eucalypt. Spring wildflower displays can be spectacular. You'll find a low closed forest, dominated by Sydney red gums, in the sheltered valleys of the sand dunes.

Some of the park's mainly nocturnal animals include brush-tailed possums, ringtailed possums and grey-headed flying foxes. Over 70 native species of birds have been recorded notable Australian locals include the threatened powerful owl, Australian pipit, superb fairy wren, silvereye, peregrine falcon, red-browed finch and New Holland honeyeater.

South of Sydney, 15 km from Sydney CBD, i
n the suburb of La Perouse

1189 ha

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