National Parks


NSW North Coast - Mebbin National Park

Sharing its western boundary with Border Ranges National Park, this park forms part of the rim of the Mount Warning volcano.

A significant portion of the park is dry eucalypt forest, with subtropical rainforest – including a stand of ancient figs and a small section of old-growth forest.

Animals in the park include White-throated Nightjar, Eastern Whipbird, White-throated Treecreeper, Topknot Pigeon, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Grey Goshawk, Great Barred Frog, Giant Barred Frog, Mistletoebird, Eastern Bristlebird, Scaly-breasted Lorikeet, Dingo, Sugar Glider, Golden-tipped Bat, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Grass Skink, Rough-scaled Snake, Saw-shelled Tortoise & Brown Tree Snake.


32 km south-west of Murwillumbah

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