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QLD Brisbane - Blue Lake National Park

On North Stradbroke Island, Blue Lake National Park protects coastal wallum and a freshwater lake of special significance to the local Quandamooka people.

Blue Lake or “Karboora” is a window lake formed within a hollow in the island’s water table. Tortoise Lagoon, a small seasonal swamp, is a perched lake, located above the water table. Fringed with paperbarks, eucalypts, reeds and banksias, these lakes provide a quiet haven for native animals and visiting bushwalkers. Blue Lake’s crystal clear, blue waters are home to the soft-spined sunfish. Reed-filled Tortoise Lagoon is sometimes dry.

Walk through wallum woodlands with stunted eucalypt trees, wallum banksias and a flowering heath understorey to Blue Lake.


10 klm East of Brisbane, on North Stradbroke Island, catch a boat from Brisbane or the Gold Coast

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