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QLD Mackay - Cape Palmerston National Park

Windswept rocky headlands, mangroves, swamps, rainforest and sand dunes are part of Cape Palmerston National Park’s rugged beauty. Open eucalypt woodland with ironbark and poplar gum grows on the ridges while paperbarks grow in the gullies. The distinctive 344m Mt Funnel towers over the park.

Midden heaps are a reminder of the special connection Aboriginal people have with this place. Named by Cook in 1770, Cape Palmerston is one of the few remaining areas of natural coastline in the Mackay area.

The false water-rat lives in the park’s mangroves while beach stone-curlews frequent the beaches. Both are considered vulnerable to extinction. Pied imperial-pigeons which visit late winter and spring are close to the southern limit of their range.

The adjacent waters and the Cape Creek system are part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park


Cape Palmerston is 115km south-east of Mackay. Access is by four-wheel-drive vehicles only. Turn off the Bruce Highway at Ilbilbie and drive east towards Greenhill.

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