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QLD Cairns - Clump Mountain National Park

One of the few remaining patches of undisturbed tropical lowland rainforest can be seen in Clump Mountain National Park. Rainforest once grew throughout these coastal lowlands but little remains. These remnants are important habitat for the southern cassowary, a large flightless bird found only in the tropical rainforests of Queensland and New Guinea.

Swamp mahogany and brush box dominate the rainforest canopy and Alexander palms, epiphytes and buttressed tress grow in the rainforest. The migratory buff-breasted paradise-kingfisher nests in termite mounds here in summer and the endangered southern cassowary lives and feeds in the forest. The arenga palm and palm cycad grow towards the summit of Bicton Hill.

This is the traditional land of the Dyiru Aboriginal people. Nearby Bingil Bay was a favourite camping spot and rainforest plants were used to make fish nets, shelters, tools, weapons and medicines.


Clump Mountain is on the Bingil Bay Road north of Mission Beach.

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