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QLD Mackay - Conway National Park

Forested hills along the Conway Range fringe the scenic Whitsunday Passage in Conway National Park. Conway is very similar to the offshore islands because the sea level rose thousands of years ago, drowning the coastal ranges and creating the islands.

Dry vine thicket, mangroves, open forests with a grasstree understorey, paperbark and pandanus woodlands, and patches of lowland rainforest with twisted vines grow in the park. The park is home to two of Australia’s mound-building birds, the Australian brush-turkey and the orange-footed scrubfowl.

For thousands of years, the Ngaro and Gia people roamed these forests, harvesting the riches of the forests and the adjoining sea country. Today, the adjacent waters are protected in marine parks.


Conway straddles the Airlie Beach-Shute Harbour Road just a few kilometres south of Airlie Beach.

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