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QLD Cairns - Crater Lakes National Park

Forest remnants in Crater Lakes National Park reflect climate changes and volcanic activity over millions of years. With changing climate periods, the rainforests contracted and expanded. These changes have been recorded in sediments on the floor of the rainforest-fringed crater lakes or maars formed by volcanic activity, Lakes Eacham and Barrine. Crater Lakes National Park is in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The rainforest around both lakes contains large kauri pines, descendants of species which dominated the tableland forests for thousands of years. Lake Eacham’s rainforests show how soil type affects the vegetation. On less fertile soils, the rainforests are simpler with more uniform trees and few buttresses. On the deeper, more fertile soils around the crater, the rainforest is more complex. The canopy is uneven and trees vary in size, have large buttresses and are covered in epiphytes like orchids and ferns.


By road, Lake Eacham is 8km east of Yungaburra and Lake Barrine is 12km east of Yungaburra off the Gillies Highway.

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