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QLD Bundaberg - Deepwater National Park

This park protects sandy beaches, the catchment of near-pristine Deepwater Creek, one of the few remaining undisturbed freshwater streams in Queensland, and vegetation remnants in the coastal lowlands between Bundaberg and Agnes Water.

Paperbark forests, wallum heath and swamplands cover the western part of the park while tall forests of swamp mahogany, paperbark and cabbage palms fringe the creek. Patches of dry rainforest with weeping cabbage palms, Burdekin plums, vines and other rainforest plants flourish behind the high sand dunes. Beautiful open forests of wattles, Moreton Bay ash, banksias and other trees and shrubs grow further inland. Subtropical rainforest grows near the southern boundary of the park.

Deepwater Creek is stained tea-coloured by tannins leached from the surrounding heath communities. Parts of the creek flow only after rain.


Deepwater is on the coast between Agnes Water and Bundaberg. Access from the north is four-wheel-drive only. Turn off the Bruce Highway at Miriam Vale and drive to Agnes Water.

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