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QLD Capricorn Coast- Eurimbula National Park

This beautiful stretch of coastline north of Agnes Water was the site of one of Cook’s first landings in Queensland during his discovery voyage in 1770. Botanist Joseph Banks collected plant specimens from the area. Bustard Head was named after a bustard or plains turkey was shot in the vicinity.

Eurimbula’s vegetation is special with species from the tropical north as well as southern species. The park has a variety of vegetation types from mangrove-fringed estuaries to freshwater paperbark swamps, lowland eucalypt woodlands with weeping cabbage palms, and tall rainforest with towering hoop pines.

The western part of this large park is rugged and inaccessible.


Eurimbula is about one hour north-east of Miriam Vale. Turn off the Bruce Highway at Miriam Vale and drive 46km towards Agnes Water. Turn left at the park sign into Eurimbula Road and travel 4km to the park entrance

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