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QLD Outback - Expedition National Park

On the Expedition Range in central Queensland lies remote and rugged Expedition National Park, the closest outback park to Brisbane. Scenic Robinson Gorge winds 14km between sheer sandstone cliffs from a broad shallow basin in the north to a narrow gorge towards its southern end.

Dry eucalypt forest covers most of the park. The mature spotted gum forest is the only intact forest of this type. Mt Cannondale in the Amphitheatre contains one of the largest intact softwood scrub remnants in the central highlands. Patches of dry rainforest scrub grow in narrow side gorges and wildflowers flourish along the cliff tops. Sandy Robinson Gorge is lined with cabbage palms (a relic from the dinosaur era), bottlebrushes and wattles. The park is home to several rare plant species including Eucalyptus rubiginosa and Leucopogon grandiflorus


Expedition is 128km or two hours’ north-west of Taroom along a road with about 100km of gravel. Travel 18km north of Taroom on the Leichhardt Highway, then turn left at the Bauhinia Downs Road.

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