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QLD Cairns - Fitzroy Island National Park

Close to the north Queensland mainland, Fitzroy Island National Park is rugged and diverse with granite outcrops, open woodlands, rainforest, mangroves and coral beaches. The beaches and fringing reefs are protected in the Cairns Marine Park. This high continental island was connected to the mainland before sea levels rose.

Several lighthouses have been established over the past 80 years, from a carbide gas light on Little Fitzroy Island in 1923 to a wartime light built on the ridge above the old lightkeeper’s residence in 1943. The lighthouse which is currently used as a visitor centre was built in 1970. This was the last staffed lighthouse purpose-built in Australia and probably the world. Today’s automated lighthouse is again located on Little Fitzroy Island.


Fitzroy Island is 29km south-east of Cairns. Access is by private boat or daily ferry services.

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