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QLD Townsville -Girringun National Park

Mt Fox is a dormant volcano which erupted violently 100,000 years ago, spewing thick molten magma over the surrounding landscape. Today, rocks known as fusiform bombs can be seen in this section of Girringun National Park. These bombs, some more than 1m across, are smooth on the side exposed to the air while being ejected and have deep grooves on the other side.

The volcanic crater is covered in stunted trees and sparse grasses. Vine thicket grows in a steep gully on the southern slopes. Open eucalypt woodland of bloodwoods is the most common vegetation type.

The tussock grasses shelter many animals including rufous bettongs, skinks and ground-dwelling birds like the little button-quail.


Mt Fox is 75km south-west of Ingham. Take the Trebonne Road from Ingham to the Wallaman Falls/Mt Fox turnoff at Trebonne.

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