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QLD Cairns - Hope Islands National Park

East and West Hope Islands are low-lying coral cays protected in Hope Islands National Park. The surrounding waters and reefs are protected in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and World Heritage Area.

Shingle cays like West Hope develop when piles of loose coral debris build up on the windward side of the reef during storms. Only hardy plants like mangroves grow on such cays. Mangroves grow on the northern and western sides of West Hope while shrubs grow on the eastern side.

East Hope is a typical sand cay, formed when fine reef sediments are deposited on the leeward side of a reef. The cay is vegetated by beach almond and red coondoo in its centre with sea trumpet, silverbush and nickernut around the edges.

Hope Islands are an important nesting site for pied imperial-pigeons.


East and West Hope Islands are 37km south-east of Cooktown and north-east of Cedar Bay. Access is by charter or private boat

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