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QLD Cape York - Iron Range National Park

Rugged, hilly country in the far north-east of Cape York Peninsula rises to 543m above sea level at Mt Tozer in Iron Range National Park, a place of spectacular natural beauty. The park protects Australia’s largest lowland tropical rainforest remnant. Volcanic rocks overlie the older metamorphic rocks where the rainforest grows.

Iron Range is an important wildlife refuge and home to many unusual wildlife species such as the eclectus parrot, palm cockatoo, southern cassowary, fawn-breasted bowerbird, red-bellied pitta, green python and spotted cuscus. Most are found only here and in New Guinea.

Heath covers the Janet and Tozer Ranges, dense, tall lowland rainforest grows across the broad floodplains and open forest, woodland and paperbark forest grow closer to the coast. Sandy beaches and rocky headlands overlook the Coral Sea


Access to the park is along the Portand Roads Road which leaves the Peninsula Development Road 35 km north of the Archer River Roadhouse.

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