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QLD Cape York - Jardine River National Park

Together with Heathlands and Shadwell Resources Reserves, Jardine River National Park at the remote northern tip of Cape York Peninsula forms almost 400,000ha of true wilderness. The park protects much of the catchment of the Jardine River, the largest perennial stream in Queensland.

Jardine River National Park lies between the old telegraph line and the coast and is bounded by the headwatersan of the Jardine River to the south and the mangroves of Jacky Jacky Creek and the Escape River in the north.

Because the park had abundant fresh water in rivers, swamps and streams but little food for cattle and horses, early explorers such as Edmund Kennedy and the Jardine Brothers called this place a “wet desert”. Heath, rainforest and open forest grow on low, broad sandy ridges with intervening swamps while shrublands and vine thickets cover the massive coastal dunes.

The park is home to several unusual species such as the spiny knob-tailed gecko and spotted cuscus.


Jardine River is near the tip of Cape York Peninsula. Follow the old telegraph line or the Peninsula Development Road to the park

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