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QLD Fraser Coast- Keppel Bay National Park

The broad sweep of Keppel Bay from Curtis Island to Corio Bay on the central Queensland coast is dotted with a scenic group of 18 islands. Most are protected in Keppel Bay Islands National Park. Steep hills, plunging cliffs, secluded beaches, crystal-clear waters and diverse plant communities are some of the park’s attractions.

North Keppel Island has a wonderful variety of plants and vegetation communities including mangroves, palm forests, rainforest, paperbark woodlands, open forests and woodlands with a grasstree understorey, heath, grasslands and dune vegetation. This is the only island in Queensland with such dense stands of weeping cabbage-tree palms. Lemon-scented gums also only occur on this continental island. Humpy Island is mainly covered in windswept grasslands and stunted heath.

The surrounding waters are protected in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.


Keppel Bay Islands are 15km offshore from Yeppoon. Access is by private boat or water taxi from the Keppel Bay Marina.

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