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QLD Capricorn Coast- Kroombit National Park

Rugged mountain scenery, sandstone cliffs and gorges, creeks, waterfalls and a variety of vegetation types are protected in two adjacent reserves on the 800–900m high Kroombit Tops Plateau. This large protected area is the headwaters for many creeks and a refuge for wildlife including tropical and subtropical rainforest species and animals close to the limit of their usual range. The Kroombit tinkerfrog Taudactylus pleione, which is vulnerable to extinction, lives in the rainforest.

Most of the plateau is covered in dry woodland with a heath understorey. Open forests of white mahogany are common. Subtropical rainforest with piccabeen palms grows in sheltered pockets on the wetter eastern side of the plateau. Kroombit Tops is the northern limit of cool temperate white beech rainforest. Dry rainforest with towering hoop pines and tall wet sclerophyll forests with Sydney blue gums grow in the central part of the plateau. Dry bottle tree scrubs grow on the drier western side of the plateau.

Kroombit Tops is the site of a large erosion caldera up to 40m across, formed by past volcanic activity.


Kroombit Tops is 2·5 hours’ drive south-west of Rockhampton via the Bruce Highway, Calliope and the unsealed Tableland Road

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