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QLD Cape York - Lizard Island National Park

Lizard Island’s rugged and stark beauty contrasts sharply with the surrounding sparkling blue Great Barrier Reef waters and colourful fringing coral reefs. The Lizard Island Group is the only continental island group close to the outer barrier. Six islands are protected in Lizard Island National Park.

Almost sixty percent of Lizard Island is covered in grasslands. Eucalypt and acacia woodlands and mangroves also grow on the island. More than 40 species of birds have been seen on Lizard, while nearby Osprey, Seabird, South and Palfrey Islands are important bird nesting sites.

The Dingiil Aboriginal people, the traditional custodians of Jiigurru (Lizard Island) lived here for tens of thousands of years, since before the islands separated from the mainland. Jiigurru is a sacred place for the Dingiil people, a place where young boys were initiated and the site of tribal gatherings. In the creation story for the Lizard Island Group, Jiigurru is the body of the stingray and other islands form the tail.


Regular flights operate to Lizard Island from Cairns. Charter flights operate from Cairns and Cooktown.

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