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QLD Fraser Coast - Michaelmas - Upolo Cays National Park

One of the most important seabird breeding sites in the Great Barrier Reef is protected in Michaelmas and Upolo Cays National Park. Unlike nearby Green Island, Michaelmas is a small, low sand cay covered just by grasses and low-growing plants which provide an ideal habitat for thousands of ground-nesting seabirds.

At least 14 species of seabirds have been recorded on the island. Nesting peaks in summer when more than 30,000 birds have been observed. Sooty terns, common noddies and crested terns are the main nesting species.

The surrounding waters are marine park and part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.


Michaelmas Cay is 40km north-east of Cairns. Access is by charter or private boat.

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