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QLD Central Tablelands - Minerva Hills National Park

Spectacular jagged peaks provide a scenic backdrop to Springsure in this park in central Queensland. Formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago, Mt Boorambool and cliff-fringed Mt Zamia today dominate the landscape.

In the grassy open woodlands, mountain coolibah, silver-leaved ironbark and gum-topped bloodwood tower over macrozamias and grasstrees. Dry rainforest with figs, stinging trees, pittosporums and vines flourishes in sheltered gorges and at the base of the sheer cliffs. Spinifex grasslands dotted with wattles grow on the summit. The park also supports spotted gum forests and low-lying heath.

Minerva Hills is home to many unusual wildlife including the eastern pebble-mound mouse and fawn-footed melomys.


Travel 4km west of Springsure on the Tambo road then turn left into Dendle’s Drive. Follow this short scenic drive to the park

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