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QLD Mackay - Molle Islands National Park

Windswept hillsides, rocky headlands with majestic hoop pines, sandy beaches, secluded coves, natural grasslands, open forest and rainforest make the inshore Molle Islands a wildlife refuge and a scenic retreat for nature lovers.

Open eucalypt forests clothe the hillsides, rainforest grows in sheltered gullies and grasslands cover the more exposed slopes. A seasonal colony of black flying-foxes lives on South Molle Island.

The Ngaro people lived on and visited these islands for thousands of years. They used fire to flush out game and maintain the natural grasslands. A stone quarry for making tools and weapons remains on South Molle Island.

The Molle Islands were first named in 1815 when Jeffreys was charting the Great Barrier Reef islands. Initially used for grazing, South Molle Island later became a national park and a resort was established in 1937.

The islands and surrounding waters are part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and are protected.


The Molle group of islands is just east of Shute Harbour. Access is by private boat or commercial boat.

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