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QLD Bundaberg - Mon Repos Conservation Park

For more than 35 years, scientists have studied turtle biology at Mon Repos, one of the two largest loggerhead turtle nesting sites in the South Pacific. Mon Repos Conservation Park near Bundaberg is the rookery for the largest number of nesting marine turtles on mainland eastern Australia.

Between November and March, visitors to Mon Repos can witness one of Nature’s most fascinating spectacles, the annual onshore pilgrimage of sea turtles, which come ashore to lay their eggs, and the subsequent hatching of young sea turtles and their return to the sea.

The park’s other attractions include Woongarra scrub remnants, mangroves, the site of Bert Hinkler’s first glider flights, a tidal lagoon, rockpools, and an historic basalt stone wall built by Kanaka labourers brought to Queensland in the late 19th Century to harvest sugar cane.

The offshore waters and the beach are protected in adjacent Woongarra Marine Park.


Mon Repos is about four and a half hour’s drive north of Brisbane and just 14km or 15 minutes east of Bundaberg.

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