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QLD Rochampton - Mt Etna Caves National Park

Limestone outcrops and dense, decorated caves are protected in Mt Etna Caves National Park. Mt Etna is the roosting site for more than 80 percent of Australia’s breeding population of little bent-wing bats. This is also one of the few places in Australia supporting a colony of the endangered ghost bat.

Seabed deposition, volcanic activity and erosion created this rugged karst landscape over millions of years. Grassland, open silver-leaved ironbark forest and semi-evergreen vine thicket grow in the park.

Mt Etna was named after the volcano in Sicily by the Archer Brothers who settled in the Rockhampton area in the 1850s. From 1914 to 1939, the caves were mined for guano, a natural fertiliser, and, from 1925, for limestone. During World War II, commandos trained here. The park was established from 1975 to protect the caves, and a subsequent campaign to save other caves protected Mt Etna.


Mt Etna Caves is just north of Rockhampton and about three hours south of Mackay. Turn off the Bruce Highway 24km north of Rockhampton or 11km south of Yaamba to The Caves township.

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