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QLD Townsville - Porcupine Gorge National Park

Towering cliffs of vibrantly-coloured sandstone and lush green vine forest fringing Porcupine Creek provide a striking contrast with the surrounding sparsely wooded, dry flat plains in Porcupine Gorge National Park.

Over millions of years, Porcupine Creek has carved a gorge through the basalt-capped sandstone and conglomerate rocks laid down by ancient rivers.

Three Aboriginal groups have traditional links with this area. Artefact scatters located around the gorge are protected from floodwaters.

Deep permanent waterholes along the creek are lined with casuarinas and paperbarks while eucalypt trees and wattles grow along the cliffs. Most of the park is covered in open eucalypt forest with a heath understorey.


Porcupine Gorge is 61km north of Hughenden via the Kennedy Developmental Road or 190km if travelling from The Lynd.

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