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QLD Townsville - White Mountains National Park

Spectacular white sandstone bluffs and gorges make this rugged wilderness park well worth a visit. White Mountains National Park is an important catchment for wet season streams flowing north to the Gulf of Carpentaria, east to the coast and south towards Lake Eyre.

This is one of inland Queensland’s most varied parks. Lancewood forests, laterite pastures, spinifex grasslands, open woodlands and heathlands are found around the white sandstone outcrops. Sand dunes and sandy flats occur in the Cann’s Camp Creek area.

White Mountains is a wildlife haven. The spectacled hare-wallaby Lagorchestes conspicillatus and eastern pebble-mound mouse Pseudomys patrius are two of the more unusual animals which live in the park.


White Mountains lies on the Flinders Highway between Hughenden and Charters Towers. The park is 80km northwest of Hughenden, 140km southwest of Charters Towers.

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