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South Australia West Coast - Murray River National Park

Katarapko lies in the Riverland area of SA. The park is opposite the town of Loxton and is 4 km south of Berri. Access to the main area of the park is by a sealed road just past the township of Glossop. Other access is gained by crossing the floodplain from either Lower Winkie Road or under the bridge at Berri. Due to the terrain the park is in three distinct sections which can only be accessed through their separate entrances. The park was formed in 1991 and includes 8,905 ha with a rich range of habitats. 75% of the area is floodplain and contains many wetlands both permanent and semi permanent. It is an important breeding area for many forms of life including water birds. Toilets are provided and there are several walking trails within the park.


Approx 180 km from Adelaide

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Phone: (08) 8204 1910

Visit: Ground Floor, 81-95 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

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