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VIC East - Alpine National Park

Victoria's Alpine National Park, at 646,000 ha the State's largest, protects our highest mountains and varied alpine environments. With adjoining national parks in NSW and the ACT, it forms a protected area that covers almost all of Australia's high country. Extensive snowfields are the primary winter attraction; the warmer months bring stunning wildflower displays and opportunities for bushwalks and four wheel driving. The 655 km Australian Alps Walking Track traverses the Alps from Walhalla to Canberra.

Australia's Alps are vitally important as a source of water in our dry continent. Most of the major rivers of south-eastern Australia have their sources there.

The Alpine National Park is one of the eight Australian Alps national parks that are managed co-operatively to ensure that Australia's mainland alpine and sub-alpine environments are protected consistently and that policies and guidelines across State and territory borders are compatible


The closest parts of the park to Melbourne are about 220 km away, the most remote nearly twice this distance. The main approaches are from the south via Heyfield

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