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VIC East - Bunurong Marine National Park

The Bunurong Marine National Park extends along approximately 5 km of coastline from 2.5 km east of Cape Patterson in Southern Gippsland to the eastern end of Eagles Nest Beach (about 6 kilometres south-west of Inverloch), and offshore for approximately three nautical miles to the limit of Victorian waters, encompassing a total of approximately 2,100 hectares.

The Bunurong coast is special - a coast full of striking rock formations, attractive sandy coves, rugged sandstone cliffs and prominent headlands. The coastal waters also contain a remarkable range of habitats that support abundant marine life, nurtured by an unusual set of environmental conditions. The name "Bunurong" refers to the local Aboriginal group that have lived in this area for thousands of years and have used the coast extensively for food gathering.

These coastal waters share the cool waters of Victoria's central and western coasts, but unlike those shores, are relatively protected from the southwesterly swell by the position of far away King Island. The gently sloping rocky seafloor is also uncommon in Victoria.


The Bunurong Marine National Park is located approximately 6 km southwest of Inverloch (east of Melbourne) and is an extension of the existing Bunurong sanctuary zone.

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