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VIC East - French Island Marine National Park

The park extends approximately 15 km along the northern shore of French Island then the park's northern boundary follows North Arm and the Horseshoe Channel. The entire Marine National Park encompasses approximately 2,800 hectares.

The northern shore of French Island has one of the most extensive areas of saltmarsh and mangrove communities in Victoria and the mudflats are of State geomorphological significance. The seagrass beds are nursery areas for fish, including commercially and recreationally important species such as King George Whiting, Bream and Mullet.

The area is especially significant as feeding habitat for the 32 species of migratory waders found in Western Port. The waters around Barralier Island, one of the bay's 13 high tide roost sites, are particularly sensitive to disturbance


The French Island Marine National Park is located about 10 km south of Tooradin, and is adjacent to the northern shoreline of French Island National Park, in Western Port Bay

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