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VIC Melbourne - Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park

It is made up of six separate areas including Swan Bay, Great Sands (Mud Islands), Point Lonsdale, Point Nepean, Popes Eye and Portsea Hole incorporating a total of 3,580 hectares.

With its proximity to Victoria's largest city the southern end of the Bay has high visitor usage throughout the year with a huge peak over the summer months. The southern Bay is Melbourne's summer playground and many of the areas within Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park are popular for a range of recreational pursuits from snorkelling and SCUBA diving through to passive recreation on the beach.

Habitat types found within the park include seagrass beds, sheltered intertidal mudflats, intertidal sandy beaches and rocky shores, subtidal soft substrata and rocky reefs, as well as the open water environment. The diversity and abundance of marine flora and fauna in this region are greater than many comparable habitats elsewhere in the world. The park is located in an area renowned for its diversity of migratory wader birds and includes a number of sites listed under a number of treaties to protect migratory bird habitat including International Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (the Ramsar Convention).


The Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park is located at the southern end of Port Phillip Bay, including the entrance to the bay at Port Phillip Heads

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