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VIC West - Mount Eccles
National Park

Mount Eccles National Park, 6120 ha in size, stands at the western edge of the volcanic plains that stretch from Melbourne to Port Fairy, extending northwards to Hamilton and Ararat. Beginning about 20,000 years ago, volcanic eruptions opened the earth's crust and poured out thousands of tonnes of molten lava, forming Mount Eccles and the surrounding landscape.

Today, the three main craters hold a 700 metre long lake known as Lake Surprise, which is fed by underground springs. The once red-hot lava has been covered with the lush green of heathland and Manna Gum forest. Geological features to be seen are extensive lava flows, lava caves, scoria cones and crater lakes.


Mount Eccles National Park is 300 km south-west of Melbourne, 45 km south of Hamilton

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