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VIC West - Point Addis Marine National Park

Rugged sandstone cliffs overlook the Point Addis Marine National Park that covers 4,600 hectares from the Victorian State limit at sea.

This Marine National Park is representative of the central Victorian coastline and is exposed to the intense wave action that arrives on this coast largely from the southwest. The waves are a major part of this environment and shape the coastal landforms as well as the animals and plants that live in the area.

The Point Addis Marine National Park also includes the world famous Bells Beach, a beach noted for its waves and surfing. Bells Beach features as one site for international surf competitions including the annual Rip Curl Classic.

Offshore, there are a number of small rocky reefs including Ingoldsby Reef, a popular local diving destination.


The Pt Addis Marine National Park is accessible from Bells Beach near Jan Juc, along 10 kilometres of coastline between Anglesea and Jan Juc.

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