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West Australia Albany - D'Entrecasteaux National Park

Qualities of remoteness and pristine natural beauty are features of D'Entrecasteaux National Park (pronounced don-truh-cast-oh, with slight stress on the last syllable). Spectacular coastal cliffs, beaches, mobile sand dunes, vast coastal wildflower heaths and even pockets of karri are all part of the scenery. The park has isolated beach camp sites, wild coastal vistas and excellent fishing. Much of the park is managed for its wilderness values, so few facilities are provided.

Major streams and rivers, including the Warren, Donnelly and Shannon, drain through D'Entrecasteaux and empty into its coastal waters. High sand dunes and limestone cliffs on the sea coast give way to coastal heathlands and a series of lakes and swamps further inland. These include Lake Yeagarup and Lake Jasper, which is the largest freshwater lake in the southern half of Western Australia. Vast areas of wetlands behind the coastal dunes are known as The Blackwater. Another outstanding feature is the Yeagarup Dune, an impressive mobile dune 10 kilometres long.


The park stretches for 130 km from Black Point, 35 km east of Augusta, to Long Point 10 km west of Walpole, extending inland for between five and 20 km. It lies 8 km from Northcliffe and 40 km from Pemberton.

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