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West Australia Perth - Dryandra Woodland

Less than two hours from Perth, Dryandra Woodland is one of the prime places in the South-West for viewing native wildlife.

Although the numbat is probably Dryandra's best known inhabitant, woylies, tammar wallabies, brushtail possums, tawny frogmouths, kangaroos and wallabies are regularly seen by visitors to Dryandra. More than 100 species of birds live in the area, including the mound-building malleefowl.

Dryandra is an especially scenic area with magnificent woodlands and spectacular wildflowers in spring. The open, graceful eucalypt woodlands of white-barked wandoo and powderbark once covered much of the Wheatbelt before it was cleared for farming. Thickets of rock sheoak provide habitat for several of Dryandra's rare species, including tammar wallabies and red-tailed phascogales


164 km south-east of Perth and 22 km kilometres north-west of Narrogin. Signposts to Dryandra are located on the Albany Highway at North Bannister, on the Great Southern Highway at Cuballing and at Narrogin

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