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West Australia Broome - Geikie Gorge National Park

In Western Australia' s far north Kimberley Region, the flood waters of the Fitzroy River have carved the 30-metre-deep Geikie Gorge through the limestone at the junction of the Oscar and Geikie Ranges.

During the wet season, the Fitzroy River rises about 16.5 metres, staining the walls of the gorge and flooding the national park with seven metres of water.

In the dry, between April and November, the river transforms itself into a quiet stream strung out beneath the towering cliffs of the Devonian reef.

Unlike modern reefs—which are built by corals—algae and a group of now extinct lime-secreting organisms built the bulk of this reef.

Ranging from atolls of a few hectares to hundreds of square kilometres, the reef platforms grew close to sea level, rising 200 metres or more above the sea floor.


Geikie Gorge National Park is 20 kilometres (20 minutes) from Fitzroy Crossing (nearest town) and 280 kilometres from Derby.

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