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West Australia Carnarvon - Kennedy Range National Park

Just north of Gascoyne Junction, in the harsh and unforgiving interior of the State's north-west, lie the spectacular sandstone battlements of the Kennedy Range. This huge mesa, pushed up from an ancient sea bed, has dominated the surrounding plains for millions of years.

The Kennedy Range is an eroded plateau on the rim of the Gascoyne River catchment, about 150 kilometres east of Carnarvon. It extends for roughly 195 kilometres in a northerly direction from near Gascoyne Junction. The park offers spectacular scenery of gorges and precipitous faces, with a vast plateau of ancient dunefields on top of the range. The area still retains a wilderness feeling, and camping beneath the stark sandstone cliffs is an experience not to be missed.


About 1120 km north of Perth and 150 km east of Carnarvon.

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