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West Australia Perth - Marmion Marine Park

Marmion Marine Park has great natural beauty and limitless potential for aquatic recreation. The clear shallow lagoons, reefs and small islands provide habitats for seabirds, marine mammals and other remarkably diverse marine life. The reefs are a diver's paradise, forming ledges, caves and swimthroughs. They are inhabited by a wonderful array of fish species and colourful invertebrates. Marmion was the State's first marine park, declared on 13 May 1987.

One the park's jewels is undoubtedly Boyinaboat Reef, which lies at the southern end of a chain of inshore reefs. It is just 75 metres from the sea wall of Hillarys Boat Harbour, and its accessibility and beauty has made it one of the most popular dive sites in Perth. Caverns in the reef provide homes for many fish, including western blue devils, old wives, banded sweep, crested morwong, horseshoe leatherjackets, dusky morwong, truncate coralfish, bullseyes, wrasse and red-striped cardinalfish. The reef top often comes alive with the frantic feeding of large schools of buffalo bream. Blue and orange nudibranchs are common and add to the colour.


Marmion Marine Park lies offshore from Perth's northern suburbs, between Trigg Island and Burns Beach. It is just 20 to 40 minutes drive from the centre of Perth

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