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West Australia Albany - Porongurup National Park

Porongurup National Park covers 2,511 hectares. The name of the range is derived from the Aboriginal name Purringorep, which was recorded by Captain Wakefield, who led the first expedition to the range. His Aboriginal guides Mokare and Nakina told him of this name.

The granite domes of Porongurup National Park rise over the plain 40 kilometres north of Albany. Twelve kilometres long and 670 metres at its highest point, the Porongurup Range is renowned for its beauty. The granite from which the Porongurup Range is formed is more than 1,100 million years old, and has been exposed by slow weathering of the softer rocks surrounding the range


40 km north of Albany via Chester Pass Road, Mount Barker-Porongurup Road and Bolganup Road.40 minutes drive from Albany.

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