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West Australia Broome - Tunnel Creek National Park

Western Australia's oldest cave system, in Tunnel Creek National Park, is famous as a hideout used late last century by an Aboriginal leader known as Jandamarra. He was killed outside its entrance in 1897.

Tunnel Creek flows through a water worn tunnel beneath the limestone of the Napier Range, part of the 375 to 350 million-year-old Devonian Reef system. You can walk 750 metres through the tunnel to the other side of Napier Range, wading through several permanent pools and watching for bats and the stalactites that descend from the roof in many places. At least five species of bat live in the cave, including ghost bats and fruit bats, and stalactites descend from the roof in many places. Freshwater crocodiles are occasionally found in the pools. Take a torch, wear sneakers and be prepared to get wet and possibly cold.


Tunnel Creek National Park covers just 91 hectares. It is 115 kilometres from Fitzroy Crossing, 180 kilometres from Derby, 30 kilometres south-east of Windjana Gorge

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